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As an organization involved in the supply of natural limestone and specialized in Tandur stone Suppliers, Instonex boasts of being the premier supplier of Tandur stone and other high-quality limestones. We originally started our business in Tandur through which we catered limestone to many cities and states with great excellence. The commitment to quality and its clients has made R. T. L. Construction & Supply Co. Ltd. the contractors of choice for construction professionals and homeowners across the region.

Our Products

This in combination with our specialisation in Tandur stone makes us a leading supplier of high-quality Tandur stone for various applications. They offer natural limestone products which can be applied in many areas like flooring, wall cladding, paving, and the like undefined:

Tandur Blue Limestone

    • Appearance: Tandur Blue Limestone is given its name for the blue-grey shade it offers to vary the appearance of any interior. It has an elegant matte finish that is preferred for modern and contemporary looks.
    • Applications: Suitable for use both indoors and outside as a flooring surface, for walls, patios, and pathways.

Tandur Grey Limestone

    • Appearance: Due to its very light grey shades, this limestone can fit into a numerous architectural styles and plans perfectly. This wood complements modern and rustic furniture and interior designs without a hitch.
    • Applications: For use in flooring and wall panels, bathroom areas, pool deck designs, and other architectural accents.

Tandur Yellow Limestone

    • Appearance: This type of limestone has a warm yellow hue; therefore, its application always adds a lively and friendly atmosphere to any construction. It also adds beauty to any structures whether they are buildings or even interior designs for homes as well as offices.
    • Applications: Appropriate for use in the garden and around paved paths, patio areas, car parks and entrances, courtyards, and as a feature inside the house

Custom Limestone Products

    • Customization: We are completely aware that every job is one of a kind, and thus can provide exceptional limestone solutions which will meet all your needs. The specialist: We offer a full range of services, ranging from bespoke sizes and premier finishes to requirements specifically designed to address your needs.
    • Applications: Custom orders also serve particularly special orders which guarantee that what you receive is what you had in mind.


Different types of Natural limestone Slabs We provide

Black Limestone

  • Black Limestone Slabs color with occasional variations and fossil imprints
  • Ideal for contemporary and modern designs, often used in indoor and outdoor flooring.

Blue Limestone

  • Distinctive blue-gray hue with natural veining patterns
  • Popular for architectural elements, such as facades, steps, and window sills.
Black Blue Gray Yellow Limestone slabs

Yellow Limestone

  • Warm yellow or golden tones, sometimes with lighter or darker streaks
  • Suitable for both traditional and contemporary designs, used in flooring and cladding.

Gray Limestone

  • Soft gray shades with subtle variations in texture and color
  • Versatile stone for interior and exterior applications, including walls and countertops.

We proudly supply Tandur stone to major cities and states across South India, including:

Instonex Tandur Stone Suppliers Hyderabad


Innovative Designs: This city has many unique architectural projects and Tandur stone is among the most preferred ones by the architects and designers

Instonex Tandur Stone Suppliers to Bengaluru


Instonex Tandur Stone Suppliers to Kerala


Instonex Tandur Stone Suppliers to Tamil Nadu Instonex

Tamil Nadu

Tandur Blue Stone Quarry

tandur blue stone quarry

About our Tandur Blue Stone Quarry, known for its high-quality blue-grey limestone, perfect for modern designs.

Quarry Excellence:

Custom Sizes for Unique Projects:

Why Choose Instonex?

Selecting a right Tandur stone suppliers is, therefore, very important in the success of the task.. Here’s why Instonex stands out in the industry:

Quality Assurance

    • Premium Materials: As top Tandur stone suppliers, we source our limestone directly from the finest quarries in Tandur, ensuring that you receive only the best products. Our stringent quality control processes guarantee that each stone meets our high standards.
    • Consistency: With a focus on consistency, we provide limestone that not only looks great but also performs well over time. Our products are tested for durability and strength, making them suitable for various applications.


    • Industry Knowledge: Our staff is experienced as Tandur stone suppliers and we care about our customers and their buying needs, offering them professional assistance. Information technology is rapidly evolving; we therefore keep it pace with the current trends as well as techniques to provide you with the best.
    • Customer Support: If you have any questions or need help, you can always count on our customer support being available to help. As a buyer, they can easily consult with us in choosing brands and model, they can easily purchase from us, and if ever they have any problems or concerns with their units, we are also here to assist them.

Extensive Range

    • Variety: With limestone being a natural stone, our expansive collection meets the preferred designs and construction requirements. Regardless of the size and type of your requirement ranging from huge commercial establishments to individual home improvement projects, we are delighted to offer you the ideal solution as the most sought after Tandur stone wholesalers.
    • Availability: We stock our products adequately to increase our ability to honour majority of orders within the shortest time possible. The good news is that we keep sizable stocks for your convenience, so you do not have to wait for your materials to arrive.

Timely Delivery

      • Efficiency: Regarding timings, we know how critical it is to complete projects on a timely basis and thus we assure our products to be delivered to your place on time. It will be worthwhile to note that prime logistics guarantees timely delivery of your materials at all times.
      • Reliability: As dependable Tandur stone suppliers, we understand the importance of meeting delivery deadlines which is why we keep a record on it. Our pharmacies understand that products must be delivered to patients and clients as soon as possible, and we always liaise with our transportation providers to achieve this while at the same time ensuring safety.

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tandur blue stone 2x2 50mm
Tandur Stone Centre Piece

Popular Questions

We are here to help you clear up any questions you may have about limestone and its use, so you can make confident decisions for your projects.

Limestone is inherently durable, we can make it suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Proper sealing and care can enhance longevity.

We offer a range of finishes including honed, polished, tumbled, brushed, flamed, and sandblasted, catering to various aesthetics and needs.

Absolutely! We offer customizable sizes and unique shapes like setts, cobbles, and more to fit your project perfectly.

Absolutely, limestone’s versatile beauty can seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor spaces, adding elegance to interiors.

Yes, limestone is durable and can withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic, especially when sealed and properly maintained.

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